This Weeks Obsession

TOP 5 SONGS (for this week)

1. Sincerely Hope It's You- Edith Backlund
- I am guilty  of saying i took the song from this weeks One Tree Hill but its mellow happy tone is lovable 

2. One- Metallica
- This song is self explanatory, classic rock meets the best solo guitar in the beginning of this song

3. Underwear- FM Belfast
- My Indie love for this week

4. Moi Je Joue- Brigitte Bardot
- You probably recognize this song from the Spring 2008 Dior commercial but everyone of anyone is guaranteed to J'adore the song on its own.

5. Bloodstream- Stateless (Ft. Lateef the Truthspeaker)
- Depressing love-bound song of the week; it verges India and Alt. Rock but I am sure you'll end up enjoying it.


Couture Carrie said...

Nice playlist - I remember listening to One by Metallica over and over in the late 80s!!


A+M said...

Hah well old is always the new new; plus a good rock song can never be outdated!