Dreading Monday

We'll it is the dreaded monday night and as usual I am slumming on my convertible couch-bed thing, eating some yummy Greek yogurt and some kind of herbal tea watching The City. I feel silly watching it because I live in the big apple, but MTV is just troublingly addictive. So I figured I mine as well share with you what was satisfying to me fashion wise during this episode.

1. Erin's zesty pink nails and yellow beanie hat
2. Whitney's flowy purple gold- beaded tee
2. Olivia's pulled back two front braid up- do (but hatting her attitude)
3. Whitney's black and white Ralph Lauren blazer (seen in GG last season)

If you Tivo or DVR (whatever you've got hooked up to your tele) go back and check out the listed detail, I would LOVE feedback on what to add to the list.

- And I MUST add it was so disrespectful how Jay rolled his eyes at Whitney when asking her out TIS TIS (a boyfriend never)


Bex said...

i love the city! whitney = love. I have yet to watch this episode but I will keep an eye out for all these fashionable things. Thanks for visiting my blog, I really like yours!


Blood Roses said...

i haven't seen the city yet! am just catching up on the hills right now...i love it! x