Skinny Dipping

We all love them, but do we all know them? These slender fitting jeans have made a comeback greater than Doc Martens. These sultry jeans from the 1950’s and 60’s symbolize the rebellion and sexual energy of an era. The first to wear skinny jeans were none other than Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. The jeans were versatile, easy, and chic. With the zipper in the back, one could wear them, aiming for a simple, cute, look or a hard rock, biker look. In the 1970’s, the era of the disco pant and platform heels, the skinny jean emerged as the word we would continue to hear oh so much, known as punk. One of the first designers to support this risky movement was Vivienne Westwood who opened a shop selling to the “anti- fashion” group of shoppers. Groups like the Ramones, Sex Pistols, and Pink Floyd began wearing skinny jeans as to start the movement of punk- rock. When the 80’s rolled around, the Rolling stones along with other influential rockers that contributed to fashion sported the tight and stone washed skinny jean. Men began to rock the skinny jean, and they were certainly very skinny jeans. As the ever so popular leggings and leg warmers stole the limelight, the skinny jean disappeared until the early 2000’s. In the 1990’s though skinny jeans vanished, the underground Goth and punk community stayed faithful to their ol’ jean. In early 2000, jeans were a widespread phenomenon, in every cut imaginable, and everyone loved them. In 2003, Stella McCartney was a main factor in bringing those beloved skinny jeans back by showing them on the runway scrunched over high heels. In 2004, JBrand was launched “mass producing” skinny jeans that attracted fashion icon Sienna Miller and other fashionistas mainly in London, England. Yet, like always America hadn’t caught on until around 2006. Before we knew it, skinny’s were everywhere, on everyone, and in every color. We love em, but how long will they last? Who knows, enjoy them for the moment because when you are wearing them you are wearing history. 
Vote on how long these bad boys will be in style. 

Information Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Skinny-Jean:-A-Brief-History

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