Pixie Tricks

It all began with Bob Geldof, a famous member in the band The Boomtown Rats; and Paula Yates, a television star and a writer. These two brits wed and brought forth two of the most evolved fashion icons of the 21st century, Pixie and Peaches Geldof. Taking over the UK by storm, their innovative trends have traveled all the way to the big apple. Just a few months ago magazines filled with articles on Peaches Geldof and her pulled together à la mode rocker style. Recently viewed in Nylon, she shows off her fetish for tattoos and talks about her favorite music, and new trends coming up this year. But now Pixie has done the same for herself. Over the summer she was featured on the front cover of Tatler. Pixie says she shops for vintage at thrift shops, her reason; "because why would I want to wear a dress that 50,000 other women are wearing?" She has pushed boundaries with her edgy style and her consistent change in hair color. Now galvanizing everything with her short blonde locks, Pixie pulls it off better than Mia Farrow did in 1968. Her new tattoo tribute to her mother goes along with the beanies and vintage bags she throws together. Something as old fashion as heart shaped glasses spice up her daily wear. At only 17, Pixie Geldof has the whole world ahead of her to concur with her spontaneous thriving trends.

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