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Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

Hey, I love your fashion blog! I have my own~ http://london--rose.blogspot.com ♥
It's brand new (started on the 7th Jan) and already has over 1300 visitors - reached the 1000 mark in just three weeks. And the blog is growing every day, getting more & more daily hits.
I'm going to start advertising now to get even more visitors & build popularity. I'm also starting a new area in the right hand column, to link other fashion blogs I love. I was wondering if you wanted to be linked, and link me back?
Let me know, either by email or via the blog.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Hannah ♥
PS: if you have any opinions on my blog, or any tips for a newbie =P I'd love to hear them!

Michael Oats said...

Hi, take a look at my last shooting:

Pas de Panic
Photographed by Michael Oats

at http://www.michaeloats.blogspot.com

I hope u like it! :)

filthy lust said...

looking forward to your return!