Vintage Who?

 The cheapest store by far with reasonable prices (can find a steal easily) but there are so many clothes it gets overwhelming(they have great dresses and belts). No grantee to find anything great though, so call before hand to see if they got anything new in.

Beacon's Closet- 88 n. 11th street Brooklyn (Williamsburg), NY 11211

In the middle of nowhere (hard to find) but worth the trip. Things range from around 15 to 50 bucks (great boot selection).

Fox and Fawn- 112 Suffolk between Rivington and Delancey, NY

Very over priced and expensive, but the accessories and clothes are exactly what one looks for in a vintage shop (they have great vintage concert tee shirts).

Screaming Mimi's- 382 Lafayette street New York, NY 10003

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Anonymous said...

wish i lived in new york!